My Very Own Marriage Proposal…

On July 21st, I had the best surprise of my life. My amazing best friend asked me to marry him when I least expected it and now I get to experience for myself the process that all my brides have gone through over the years! So many friends, clients, loved ones have been asking for the story so I thought there wouldn’t be a better place to share than here!
A bit of a backstory: Teddy and I met in 2009 at college because he was friends with my roommates and would come over a lot. I knew from the beginning there was something very different about him…but I wouldn’t really give him the time of day. It wasn’t the right time in our lives for us to even be much of friends. Over the years following that, we’d run into each other every now and then because we had a lot of friends in common and two of our younger siblings graduated together at the same small Christian school. He was always such a nice guy and I always wished I could know him more but I still didn’t give him much attention at all. Flashforward to March 2013 when I was in a much happier, better season of life and had gotten back into the activities I loved, especially dancing. I ran into him at a friend’s birthday dinner and heard that he was an incredible dancer, I was intrigued so I mentioned dancing to him and he asked if I wanted to go right then, but I had to get up early the next day so I couldn’t and asked about the weekend. Turns out, he was moving partway across the country the next day and that was his last night in town. I was bummed, but moved on and never really thought about it again…until August when I saw him again unexpectedly at our friends the Walling’s house. That night I was really tired after doing staff at my church’s High School Ministry and I just wanted to go home and sleep but some other staff friends convinced me to go play cards with them and hang out, so I reluctantly did. Teddy was there and I was so surprised he was home and he told me he had decided to move back two weeks before. That night, we played the card game Spoons, hung out with a bunch of friends, and talked a lot. Something was really different. I noticed him in a way I had never seen him before and he felt the same way. I just knew I had to get to know him better and didn’t want to delay. Two days later we went out country swing dancing together, started our quick journey to being best friends, and never turned back.
The Proposal: On Monday night, we had plans to have a couple’s night with the Wallings and the Goods at the same house where it all began. I didn’t think twice about that though because we go there fairly often. Right before we went, all of these people kept calling us trying to crash the couples night and he was saying yes to them all and I didn’t understand why…well it turns out they were all part of this elaborate surprise. We were all watching a movie and someone asked to play a game and Spoons was the only one we could play with that many people. I commented that it was funny that was the game we played in that same spot when we first started dating but still didn’t put any pieces together. Round by round, people kept getting out until eventually it was just Teddy and I left to play against each other for the final spoon. All of our friends had gone into the kitchen to grab dessert so we were alone playing the Spoon Championship. Eventually, I won the round and he put his cards down on the carpet in defeat. I started to clean up all the cards and under the ones he had just put down was a diamond ring. You’d think I caught on at this point…but alas, I did not. I thought my friend had somehow dropped her wedding ring and was getting up to go give it to her when he grabbed my hands and I looked down to see him on one knee. Still…I didn’t think it was really happening and thought it was just a joke or something. I was SO in shock. He asked me to marry him and told me it had all been an elaborate scheme that all of our friends were in on to get me to the place where it all started a year ago. I turned around to see everyone standing out the windows taking pictures. I couldn’t even believe it! I think I may have had a deer in headlights look because I’m not that easy to surprise and this one really got me. I said yes and hugged him and our friends all came in to congratulate us and celebrate. It was the perfect proposal for us and I couldn’t have planned a better one if I had tried.
photo 1
This was me picking up the ring and mentioning that our friend Lainey must have dropped it somehow…
photo 2
Teddy Proposing-1
I finally get to marry the man who is better than what I could have dreamed. I feel like we’ve known each other our whole lives. I can’t wait to learn how to be his wife, navigate the ups and downs of life with him, learn how to raise a family with him. He is the most incredible blessing to me. He laughs with me, cries with me, takes amazing care of me, leads me, dances with me, adventures with me, is serious with me and treasures me as I treasure him. He truly is my teammate. I can’t believe I get to keep him!! :) I feel like the luckiest girl in the whole world.
b_My Engagement Ring-1-2
*All professional photos in this post except the ring shot are thanks to Lizzie Kimball last year and the rest are from iPhones!
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AHHHH!!! Ali!!!!! I am so excited for you guys!!! What a beautiful story and so cool to have those photos of the exact moment he was asking… Can’t wait to hear more about the planning and someday soon to see YOUR wedding photos!!!!


This is one of my all-time favorite blog posts. Obviously.


I absolutely love this story. You are so good together and you have a wonderful future together. Ally, you and Teddy are so mature and wise and have such a great understanding of your faith and understanding of each other. Can’t wait to celebrate your engagement with another round of golf! xoxo

Phoenix Engagement Photography: Lindsey & Steve

Lindsey and Steve met back when they were at college at University of Arizona. Lindsey lived with some guy friends and they needed another roommate so one of the guys randomly had Steve move in and that’s where it all began. During the time these two were roommates, their friendship grew and they loved spending time together. They had a lot in common because Lindsey is a nurse and Steve is in medical school. After college, the roommates all parted ways but Lindsey and Steve realized that they didn’t want their good friendship to end so they continued spending time together which eventually led to dating and now they’re getting married next March at the Felch House! I absolutely loved spending time with these two. It was so obvious how in love they are with each other, how sweet they are to each other and how much fun they have teasing and playing with each other. It made my job even more enjoyable!

b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-3
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-2
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-5
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-1
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-7
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-6
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-9
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-8
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-10

They couldn’t just pose in the fountain…they had to get in a splash fight! It was so fun. :)

b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-12
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-11
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-4
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-15
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-13
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-18

Isn’t she SO stunning?!

b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-14
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-17
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-19

Steve gave Lindsey such a beautiful and unique sapphire engagement ring!

b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-20
b_downtown phoenix engagement photography-16

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Scottsdale Marriage Proposal: Brian & Carolyn

Brian pulled off quite the surprise backyard marriage proposal this past weekend that he had been planning for months! Close friends of theirs agreed to throw an 8th birthday party for their dog Kylie and invite all of Carolyn’s friends so they decorated the whole house and put dog birthday signs out and everything, it was beautiful! They also told Carolyn that they found a photographer to take some family pictures of her, Brian and their puppy before the party as part of the celebration. Carolyn was so excited about the birthday party and the fact she and Brian were getting a few pictures together that she didn’t even dream he was going to propose! She even was talking to me about how “when they get engaged one day” she wants pictures, etc. It was hard for me to keep a straight face! She hoped he was going to propose sometime soon but thought it was going to be on a future vacation they were taking…it was SO fun getting to be a part of this awesome surprise!! These two are so adorable together and I absolutely loved getting to share this special moment and photograph it so that they can remember it forever.

b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-13

We planned to position Brian in this spot behind her so that once she turned around, he would be proposing and she would be completely surprised!

b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-1
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-2
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-3

Their dog definitely did not want to be excluded from this special moment!

b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-4
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-5
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-6
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-7
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-8
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-10
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-9

Let’s be honest…we know who the real star of the show is! ;)

b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-12
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-11
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-14
b_scottsdale marriage proposal photography-15

Congrats Brian and Carolyn!! I couldn’t be happier for you two!! I’m so happy you have some photos to show of it!

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