Scottsdale Bible Church Wedding: Lindsay & Brian Pt 1

Lindsay & Brian were married last week at the new Grace Chapel at Scottsdale Bible Church and had their reception at the Scottsdale Resort. It was such a beautiful, calm wedding with 74 guests. It was probably the calmest, easy-going wedding I’ve ever had. The lighting was beautiful, everything ran ahead of schedule and Lindsay and Brian were so happy and in love and ah it was such a wonderful day!! There were too many favorites to post all at once, so it will have to be blogged in two parts! Here’s part one of their day…

b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-1
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-2
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-5
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-3
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-6
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-18
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-7
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-8
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-4
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-10
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-9
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-11
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-12
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-13
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-14
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-16
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-15
b_Scottsdale Resort Bible Church Wedding-17


This day couldn’t have been possible without all of the great vendors!

Photographer: Allison Bess Photography

Ceremony Site: Scottsdale Bible Church Grace Chapel

Reception Site/Caterer/Cake: Scottsdale Resort & Conference Center

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Nordstrom

Tux: Men’s Warehouse

Florist: Veronica @ Table Tops Etc

Make Up: Chris Walker

Hair: Emmalee McFarland

DJ: BJ the DJ

Officiant: David Dickerson


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Our Wedding Story: Part 2

As I explained more in part one of our wedding story…my husband and I really wanted to do something unique that was tailored to us and our dreams to celebrate the beginning of our marriage, not just what tradition or expectation said. We wanted to elope to a beautiful location outside of Arizona with trees and water because we both love nature and for me…obviously gorgeous photos were part of my motivation. ;) We chose Portland, OR because it is a really special place to me and somewhat like a second home. The weather is amazing in September and their forests and waterfalls and greenery are like nothing we have here in Phoenix at all. When looking for a perfect ceremony spot, we wanted something that was a bit more “road less traveled” than some of the more tourist hot spots. We wanted a waterfall and wanted a Monday morning ceremony, which also helped with the fewer tourists thing. After plenty of searching, we decided upon Wahclella Falls even though I had never been to that one and neither had anyone in my family who lives there. I am SO glad we did…it was perfect. Breathtakingly perfect and beautiful. The pictures really have to speak for themselves on this one.
We, of course, had to hire a photographer to document our journey up there…someone who was fun, willing to adventure and hike the 2 mile trip with us, and whose work we also loved. We found Maggie at Honeysuckle Photography and really couldn’t have made a better decision. Her work is beautiful, she is so kind and was up for anything adventure-wise! All of the following photos in this post were taken by her.

We made our wedding bands out of walnut. We both loved the idea of matching wooden rings and we love being creative so we made them together from the same piece of wood.
Even though it was different that we ended up having two ceremonies, they were both so unique and we loved them. The first was done with more generic vows and our Portland ceremony was where we gave each other the vows we’d each written. It was also where we washed each other’s feet in the stream to symbolize the promise of laying down our lives to serve the other and put each other first in our marriage and where we gave each other wedding gifts.
Eventually, I’ll post up about part three of our wedding celebration…the reception back home!


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ASU Senior Photographs: Hayley

Hayley is a beautiful girl about to graduate from Arizona State University! She’s studying criminal justice and is such an impressive young woman, I couldn’t get over it! We had a great time taking her senior photos, here are some of my faves :)

b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-1
b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-2
b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-3
b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-4
b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-5
b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-8
b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-7
b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-10
b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-6
b_downtown phoenix ASU Senior photography-9

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Becky Hampton

I’m Hayley’s grandmother , and I have to say Hat off to you, you caught her smile,,her spirit and her zest for life. Blessings for your day, a JESUS lover too. From Queen Creek, AZ