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In 2011, my business and I worked with charity: water to help give fresh drinking water to people in need. Proceeds from every portrait session went directly to the charity to be used 100% towards clean water. Partnering with them was such a wonderful thing, so this year I’ve decided to expand the program!

To thank all of my wonderful clients for working with me and to give back on the blessings I receive, I’ve decided to give a portion of my after tax income from every portrait session and wedding that I book, starting today, to one of the following three charities. The fun part is that I want my clients to be involved by letting them choose which charity the proceeds from their session or wedding goes to!

Every client will have the choice of these three following charities. I searched and prayed for a long time before I settled on these and I couldn’t be happier with the choices!


1. Charity: Water. As I said before, I worked with them in 2011 and loved them. I really believe they are making such an important difference in the world through the drilling of water wells. Water is something I take for granted and working with them has definitely changed my perspective and has made me appreciate water every time I drink!


2. Feed my Starving Children. A wonderful friend told me about this Christian organization whose goal is to eliminate starvation in the world. They are doing work in and shipping meals to nearly 70 countries, including our own, and in 2011 sent over 47 million meals to Haiti alone. The best part about their organization is that they don’t just send meals as a one time thing, they strive to maintain feeding programs that last. They also have a local base in Tempe, Arizona.

Image from the FMSC website.

3. The American Cancer Society. In this day and age, you would be hard pressed to find a person who does not know someone who has had cancer. The American Cancer Society advertises themselves as being the Official Sponsor of Birthdays, which I think is very clever! They are a huge organization working everyday to research a cure and help people have as positive experience as possible during their journey with the disease. I have had too many loved ones affected by this horrible disease and am excited to start working with them to hopefully find a cure one day!


I’m so excited to start this and hope that it encourages someone else to give back somehow in their own life!

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