Felch House Wedding: Lindsey & Steve

I wanted to do a quick blog post this morning to show off one of my favorite weddings ever! Lindsey and Steve were married this past weekend at the Felch House in downtown Phoenix. Everything about this wedding was just perfect – from the details, her amazing dress, the emotions, the fun, the dancing, the waffle bar for dessert…it was amazing! These two love each other with such a deep, sweet love. They’re absolutely a joy to be around and I was honored to witness and document this incredibly special day in their lives!

b_Felch House Wedding LS-4
b_Felch House Wedding LS-2

Lindsey’s father passed away and this charm was a beautiful way to have him with her all day.

b_Felch House Wedding LS-3

When the bridesmaids saw her in the dress for the first time…they had the best reactions!

b_Felch House Wedding LS-5
b_Felch House Wedding LS-6
b_Felch House Wedding LS-7
b_Felch House Wedding LS-8
b_Felch House Wedding LS-10
b_Felch House Wedding LS-12
b_Felch House Wedding LS-11
b_Felch House Wedding LS-13
b_Felch House Wedding LS-9

Of course the girls had to imitate the “Bridesmaids” movie cover!

b_Felch House Wedding LS-14
b_Felch House Wedding LS-15
b_Felch House Wedding LS-16
b_Felch House Wedding LS-17
b_Felch House Wedding LS-18
b_Felch House Wedding LS-19
b_Felch House Wedding LS-20
b_Felch House Wedding LS-22
b_Felch House Wedding LS-1
b_Felch House Wedding LS-23
b_Felch House Wedding LS-21
b_Felch House Wedding LS-24

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Beautiful and magical… every little bit of it! Congratulations Lindsey and Steve. xoxo

Secret Garden Wedding: Shilo & Brittany

Shilo and Brittany were married this past weekend in a beautiful ceremony under a large tree with the sun perfectly setting behind them creating a golden glow. You might remember the two of them from their engagement photo session last year…they are such a great couple! It’s so apparent how much they love each other and lean on each other for support and encouragement. Their wedding was such a gift to witness!


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Launching a New Side of Allison Bess Photography!

Drumroll please……introducing….Allison Bess: Nature and Fine Art Photography! I am SO excited to finally launch this new branch of my business in 2015! This year is our 7th year in the photography business and as the years have passed, I’ve grown as an artist, developed new skills, refined old ones and have discovered new passions and sides of myself. It’s been such an amazing adventure! 2014 brought some big life changes for me, getting engaged and married, moving, and so much more. 2015 is the year of business changes and I couldn’t be more excited!


The first new business improvement is the launch of my new nature and fine art store. This has been a work in progress for YEARS! I started nature work on the side probably six years ago and just for fun learned, practiced, pushed my creativity and limits and grew my portfolio. I absolutely loved it. I loved going on adventures to find new beauty in the world. Gosh our world is beautiful. The only downside was…I didn’t really get to share it with anyone outside of my family and close friends! Recently, my husband and I were re-evaluating our lives as we joined everything together as one and he asked why I didn’t do anything with this portfolio I’ve been growing for so long that I was really passionate about…so after encouragement from him and my closest people…the launch of my new store is official!



Right now, I have one featured collection of art called “Close Up”. The pieces in that gallery have been created all over the world and it has a pretty good variety in it! There will be additional collections in the future that span other aspects of our beautiful planet. “Close Up” featured several of my most-favorite pieces, all of them are limited release works that will only be sold a set number of times before they’re archived forever.


I am so excited about this new journey. I hope you are too! My readers of this blog have been so amazing for so many years and I would love if you all join me in the excitement for the new aspect of my business! It would mean the world to me if you share the new site with your friends and family! C’mon…go check it out! www.allisonbess.com

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